Youchun restaurant is... 

Youchun restaurant is an authentic Korean restaurant providing exotic and tasty Korean cuisine. youchun prides itself on serving ‘Honam’ style food. 
Honam is a name for southwestern region of Korea which is famous for many steamed dishes. 
A skillful cook guarantees the taste and authenticity of all the excellent dishes. youchun’s signature menus are Kaesung Bossam and a dish of sliced raw beef.

Youchun’s Kaesung Bossam is unique in that it comes with a white Kimchi, instead of cabbages. And sliced raw beef is always fresh and exquisite. Sundaekookbap (Korean sausage with boiled rice served in soup) is one of the popular menus that many customers enjoy. youchun serves a home-made Korean sausage. Sea food dishes are also famous. Sangdaegu-tang and Sangtae-tang are prepared with fresh, unfrozen fish. In addition, youchun has tasty home-made fermented soybeans, a beef stew, and a boiled beef. As far as accommodating restaurant guests, youchun has various rooms such as hall, small rooms with a partition for great atmosphere and dining privacy. A banquet hall for 40~50 people is ready. This place is good for a year-end party or the celebration of a baby's first birthday. youchun restaurant provides delicious food, a great facility to dine, and a great atmosphere with excellent service to satisfy all customers.